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Parliament Questions and Answers

क्र.सं. विषय दिनांक अनुलग्नक फ़ाइल धारा / डेस्क
61 Central Hindi Committee for monitoring the proper use of Hindi 28/11/2000 Download (79.93 KB) pdf Policy
62 Declaration of All Indian Languages as National Languages 28/08/2000 Download (74.65 KB) pdf Policy
63 Steps taken for Promoting of official Language 22/08/2000 Download (79.49 KB) pdf Policy
64 Compilation and Publication of Act/Rules/Orders relating to implementation of OL policy 08/08/2000 Download (79.67 KB) pdf implementation
65 Steps taken to implement the three language formula in various states 08/08/2000 Download (75.73 KB) pdf Policy
66 Amount spent to celebrate Hindi Divas , Hindi Pakhwara, Publication of Hindi books during last five years 01/08/2000 Download (83.72 KB) pdf implementation
67 Telecast of documentaries and TV Spots on Doordarshan to give wide publicity of OL Hindi 25/07/2000 Download (83.15 KB) pdf Research
68 Implementation of the report of the committee of parliament on OL 25/07/2000 Download (47.8 KB) pdf Policy
69 Pay Scales of Translator ,AD and TO in CSOLS and CTB 02/05/2000 Download (95.95 KB) pdf Service
70 Purchase of Bilingual Computers 02/05/2000 Download (77.21 KB) pdf Technical Cell