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क्र.सं. विषय दिनांक अनुलग्नक फ़ाइल धारा / डेस्क
41 तेलगू भाषा को अंग्रेजी और हिन्दी के साथ केन्द्र की अतिरिक्त राजभाषा के रुप में घोषित करना 20/07/2004 Download (70.53 KB) pdf Research
42 Promotion of Tamil Language 06/07/2004 Download (66.4 KB) pdf Policy
43 Hindi Language package in computers promotion of Hindi 23/12/2003 Download (140.74 KB) pdf Technical Cell
44 Functions of CTB,CHTI etc and creation of Central Hindi Directorate for Hindi 09/12/2003 Download (82.42 KB) pdf Policy & Coordination
45 Funds earmarked for Promotion of official Language during last 3 years 05/08/2003 Download (71.32 KB) pdf Policy
46 Constitution of Hindi Salahakar Samiti in various Ministries /Departments 29/07/2003 Download (100.88 KB) pdf Policy
47 Target fixed for Annual Programme of Official Language 29/07/2003 Download (77.85 KB) pdf Research
48 Norms for creation of minimum ports of Hindi 22/07/2003 Download (108.54 KB) pdf Policy
49 Availability of fonts in Hindi 04/03/2003 Download (72.11 KB) pdf Technical Cell
50 Violation of official language Act 06/08/2002 Download (81.61 KB) pdf implementation